There are more than 15 Best Dishwasher brands in the World. Here at, We evaluate different brand dishwashers and recommend the best ones for our readers.

Here is a list of best Dishwasher brands in the world and worth your consideration. All these best dishwashers brands offer great cleaning performance, excellent features and wide variety long-lasting good quality products.

Best Dishwasher Brands In The World

Bosch Dishwashers (Since 1886)

Bosch has one of the most selling dishwashers in the world. If you’re looking for a high-end dishwasher that is super quiet, cleans, and dries dishes well at a reasonable price then you can consider the Bosch dishwashers.

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Whirlpool Dishwashers (Since 1911)

Whirlpool is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. KitchenAid and Maytag appliance brands owned by Whirlpool Corporation. They provide dishwashers at affordable prices.

Whirlpool Dishwasher reviews

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Samsung Dishwashers (Since 1938)

Samsung is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in the Yeongtong District of Suwon. Samsung Dishwashers are well-known for technological advance dishwashers.

GE Dishwashers (Since 1892)

General Electric Company (GE) is an American multinational conglomerate incorporated in New York City.

Miele Dishwashers (Since 1899)

Miele is a German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment. They manufacture a wide variety of high-quality built-in, integrated and freestanding dishwashers. Their Dishwasher comes with innovative features like 3D adjustable cutlery tray, Knock2Open’ handle-less opening system and BrilliantLight.

They provide excellent quality, amazing features and good customer service. If you’re looking for a high-end dishwasher, you can consider Miele dishwasher.

They are a bit expensive than their competitors but good value for the money.

Siemens Dishwasher (Since 1847)

Siemens is the largest manufacturing company of electronics in Europe. Siemens dishwashers famous for its high quality and durability.

Siemens dishwashers offer you the convenience you want with their attractive design and innovative functions.

LG (Since 1958)

LG is a multinational electronics company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. This giant South Korean company is known for high-level appliances like TVs, mobile phones, dishwashers and washing machines.

Some models are equipped with 4 spray arms, instead of standard 2 spray arms to power-clean dishes from all angles throughout the entire cycle.

Danby (Since 1947)

Danby is a reputable electronics company that produces high-quality kitchen appliances and well known for manufacturing compact appliances. The company claimed the largest market share in the compact appliance category in North America.

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