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Dishwasher Buying Questions

What is Noise Level?

‘Noise Level’ denotes how much noise the dishwasher makes when it operates, measures in decibels (dB).

Quiet operation is an important feature in any quality dishwasher. Dishwasher manufacturers rate their sound levels in dB (decibels) and all dishwasher models have sound ratings so check the noise ratings of the dishwater so you’ll know what type of noise level to expect before you buy.

  • 55-60dB – Loud
  • 50-54 dB – A little noisy
  • 45-49 dB – Quiet (about the noise level of a quiet conversation.)
  • 41-44 dB Very Quiet
  • 40 & below – Nearly Silent

What is a place setting in a dishwasher?

A place setting is a standard measurement of how much can fit in a dishwasher. A ‘place setting’ is defined as : a dinner plate, soup plate, dessert plate, glass tumbler, tea cup and saucer, knife, fork, soup spoon, dessert spoon and teaspoon.

What are adjustable baskets?

The adjustable basket can be moved around and customised, with extra sections for plates or cutlery added/removed depending on your needs.

What is a cutlery drawer in a dishwasher?

The Cutlery drawer is an extra level at the top of the dishwashers, It is the ideal place for cutlery and smaller kitchen utensils like ladles or whisks and can even fit espresso cups. This gives you more flexibility when loading your dishwasher and leaves more space in the bottom basket.

What is Energy Efficiency of Dishwasher?

The Dishwasher’s Energy Efficiency tells how well your dishwasher uses energy and water, Products are ranked from G to A++ in terms of how little energy they use compared to the norm.

Energy and water-efficient dishwasher will save your money compared to non-qualified dishwasher models.

What is Rinse Aid Dispenser in a Dishwasher?

Rinse aid prevents from forming droplets and helps in drying.

What is half load in dishwasher?

When you only need to wash small loads that fill half of the dishwasher’s capacity, you can use this optionThe Half Load Option reduces cycle time and water consumption.

What is Childproof Lock in a dishwasher?

A childproof lock is a feature that makes the machine more difficult to open. When the child lock is activated, the appliance will become unresponsive and the dishwasher door will be difficult to open. The only way to get the control back is by deactivating the child lock feature. 

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