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If you have a budget of 40000 for a dishwasher and you want to buy the best dishwasher then read our Best Dishwasher Under 40000 article. We have checked several stores and online sites for different dishwasher models and prices, compare the prices of different dishwashers and the features they offer, this can help you determine what works with your 40000 budget. 

5 Best Dishwashers Under 40000

1. IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher

IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher comes with 12 place settings and 8 Wash Programs. The IFB Neptune VX dishwasher online price starts around ₹35,000.

IFB Neptune VX dishwasher review
  • Capacity: 12 place settings
  • 8 Wash Programs
  • Energy Efficiency Rating: A++
  • Noise level: 49 dB
  • Child Lock
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Water Softening Device
  • Steam Drying
  • Price (MRP): ₹39,000

This IFB dishwasher comes with an inbuilt water heater that washes and sanitizes dishes at high temperature, also features Steam Drying that ensures perfect drying of utensils without any water drops. 

The IFB VX dishwasher can hold up 12 place settings, it 2 loading adjustable racks that offer more capacity which really gives you the perfect space to fit larger dishes. This dishwasher is ideal for medium-sized families with up to 5-6 members.

This dishwasher comes with 8 wash programs, The Auto Intensive program does a wonderful job for deeply soiled dishes in our test. Hygiene and Normal wash program do a decent job of cleaning.

Surely this is one of the best dishwashers under Rs 40,000. IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher is totally worth the cost price and includes a brand warranty of 2 years.

Pros and Cons of IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher


  • 8 wash programs
  • Energy Efficiency rating A++
  • Better Drying
  • Water Softening Device


  • Plastic tub
  • 49 dB Noise level
  • Quick Wash Programs are not upto the mark.

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2. Bosch SMS66GW01I Dishwasher

Only Bosch dishwasher In our Best Dishwasher under 40000 list, Bosch SMS66GW01I is one of the popular dishwashers in India. It has 12 Place Settings, 6 wash programs, and many useful features. 

Bosch SMS66GW01I comes in stainless steel exterior with white color and its stylish finish makes it look really classy.

  • Capacity: 12 Place Setting
  • Colour: White
  • Noise level: 52 dB
  • Wash Programmes: 6
  • Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm
  • Adjustable upper basket and Cutlery basket
  • Intensive Kadhai 70°C
  • Type: Freestanding

Bosch SMS66GW01I is spacious with 12 place settings, it has 2 baskets and a Cutlery basket. The upper basket is adjustable so you can place your dishes depending on how tall they are.

Bosch SMS66GW01I offers cleaning flexibility with 6 wash programs and does a decent job of cleaning in our test. The Intensive Kadhai 70°C wash cycle does a great job of cleaning for deeply soiled dishes.

Bosch SMS66GW01I comes with 52 dB ratings, not quiet as other Bosch dishwasher models. it has a sound similar in intensity to an electric fan.

If you’re looking for a branded dishwasher that cleans well and long-lasting product at a reasonable price then you can consider the Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GW01I.

Pros and Cons of Bosch SMS66GW01I Dishwasher


  • Adjustable upper rack
  • Decent Cleaning Performance
  • Intensive Kadhai 70°C wash cycle
  • Half load


  • Isn’t the best at drying plastic.
  • No 3rd Rack

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3. Siemens Dishwasher SN256W01GI

The Siemens Dishwasher SN256W01GI can accommodate 12 Place Settings and 6 wash programs. This Siemens Dishwasher price online starts around Rs.37,000.

  • Capacity: 12
  • Noise Level: 52 dB
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm
  • Wash Programs: 6
  • AquaSensor, LoadSensor
  • Child safety: childproof door lock
  • Type: Freestanding
  • VarioFlex rack with folding levels and tines.

SN256W01GI dishwasher is a Free-Standing dishwasher and available in white colour, it has a control panel on the top front, the control panel has an LED Indicator for Program Status, Rinse Aid and Salt Refill.

This Siemens dishwasher good at cleaning and drying performance. No 3rd rack and plastic tub are drawbacks of this dishwasher, If you’re looking for a dishwasher under 40000 and you can live with these drawbacks then you can consider buying Siemens SN256W01GI.

Pros and Cons Of Siemens SN256W01GI Dishwasher


  • Good cleaning performance
  • Good at drying.
  • IntensivePlus program


  • No 3rd rack
  • Plastic Tub
  • 52 dB Noise level

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4. Voltas Beko Dishwasher DF14S3

Voltas Beko DF14S3 dishwasher comes with a 14 Places settings capacity and 6 wash programs to clean dishes and 48 dB Noise Level. The Voltas Beko DF14S3 dishwasher price online starts around Rs. 36,000.

  • Capacity: 14 place settings
  • Wash Programs: 5
  • Color: Silver
  • Noise level: 49 dB
  • Type: Freestanding
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Dimension (W x D x H – cm): 59.8x60x85
  • Intensive 700C Program
  • Price (MRP): ₹39,999

This Voltas Beko dishwasher can hold up to  14 place settings, With a height-adjustable upper basket, you can make a space for large utensils on the lower basket. You can load almost all type of Indian utensils in the dishwasher.

This Turkish-made dishwasher offers 5 wash programs and does a good job of cleaning, The Intensive 70 °C offers hygienic cleaning using powerful water jets and high temperatures.

Pros and Cons of Voltas Beko Dishwasher DF14S3


  • 5 Wash Programs
  • Intensive 70 °C
  • Spacious with 14 Place Settings


  • Isn’t the best at drying plastic
  • Quick Wash Programs are not up to the mark.

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5. Faber Dishwasher FFSD 8PR 14S 

Faber Dishwasher FFSD 8PR 14S comes with 14 place settings and 8 wash programs, It has 2 racks and cutlery drawer for silverware.

Faber FFSD 8PR 14S review
  • Capacity: 14 place settings
  • Noise: 44 dB(A)
  • Wash Programs: 8
  • Warranty: 1 year 
  • Type: Free Standing
  • Colour: Silver
  • Cutlery Drawer: Yes
  • Product Size: 845x598x600 mm

One thing we like the most about this Fiber dishwasher is the cutlery drawer on the top. You can use this rack for silverware. It leaves more space in the bottom basket for large utensils.

Faber FFSD 8PR 14S dishwasher does a decent job of cleaning dishes. It has 3 spray arms to clean dishes from all angles and offers flexibility with 8 wash programs.

If you’re looking for a spacious, affordable dishwasher, you can consider Faber FFSD 8PR 14S, it offers decent cleaning performance with 8 wash programs.

Pros and Cons Of Faber FFSD 8PR 14S dishwasher


  • Spacious 14 place settings capacity
  • 8 wash programs
  • Cutlery Drawer


  • Customer service not up to the mark
  • Drying is just OK

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