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Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GW01I and SMS66GI01I - Rs.42,000-45,000

Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GI01I Review

Bosch manufactures a wide variety of high-quality home appliances and they are one of the most selling dishwashers in the world . Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GI01I is one of the most popular dishwashers in India. This is our Bosch dishwasher SMS66GI01I Review.

This Bosch Serie 6 free-standing dishwasher SMS66GI01I comes with 12 Place Setting and 6 wash programmes including a flexible half load and quick wash.

Features and Specification

  • 12 Place Setting
  • Noise level: 52 dB
  • 6 Wash Programmes
  • Product Dimensions (HxWxD): 84.5 x 60 x 60 cm
  • Childproof Door lock
  • Adjustable upper rack and Cutlery basket
  • Intensive Kadhai 70°C
  • Dishwasher Type : Freestanding

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Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GI01I Review


This Dishwasher comes with 12 Place Setting which is suitable for medium-sized families with up to 6 members. You can load almost all type of Indian utensils and crockery in the dishwasher whether its dinner plate, tall glasses, soup bowl, teacup with saucer, knife, spoons.

With Adjustable upper rack, you get full adjustability so you can place your dishes depending on how tall they are.

Capacity Rating 8/10

Built Quality

This product lives up to Bosch’s reputation for well-designed and quality dishwashers.

One thing I like most about this dishwasher is it has a Salt Light Indicator and a Rinse Aid Light Indicator.

Built Quality Rating 8/10

Cleaning Performance

SMS66GI01I Dishwasher offers 6 wash cycles and options to do different types of loads in different ways.

Bosch Serie 6 SMS66GI01I dishwasher does a decent job of cleaning in our test. This dishwasher comes with 6 wash programmes (Intensive Kadhai 70°C, Auto 45-65°C, Express Sparkle 65°C, Eco 50°C, Quick 45°C, Pre-rinse) which give you flexibility.

  • The Intensive Kadhai 70°C wash cycle does a wonderful job for deeply soiled dishes in our test.
  • The Auto 45-65 °C cycle is meant for cleaning dishes of different forms amounts of dirt and performance is decent.
  • Quick 45 °C wash cycles only work well for dishes that are lightly soiled.

Cleaning Performance Rating 8/10

Noise Level

This machine comes with 52 decimal rating which means it has a sound similar in intensity to an electric fan.

Noise Level Rating 7/10


Many Customers complained in the past about Bosch dishwasher drying performance. This Bosch dishwasher comes with Extra Dry option. In our test, Bosch SMS66GI01I Dishwasher dries decent but it isn’t the best at drying plastic.

Drying Rating 7/10

Energy Efficiency

This Dishwasher comes to an estimated energy consumption of about 1.45 Kilowatt Hours per load and about 9L per load Water Consumption.

Energy Efficiency 7/10

Pro and Con of Bosch SMS66GI01I Dishwasher


  • Adjustable upper rack
  • Decent Cleaning Performance
  • Intensive Kadhai 70°C wash cycle
  • Half load


  • Isn’t the best at drying plastic.
  • No 3rd Rack

Final Verdict

Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GI01I has impressed me with Cleaning performance and Load Capacity. What we love most about this dishwasher is The Indian special Intensive Kadhai Wash Program that removes tough stains from the utensils and perfect for Indian Utensils.

If you’re looking for a high-end dishwasher that cleans well at a reasonable price then you can consider the Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GI01I.

Yes, This is one of the best dishwasher available in the Indian market. This durable dishwasher is totally worth the cost price and includes a brand warranty of 2 years. Bosch is known for its impressive customer service and a great warranty.

Bosch SMS66GI01I Manual

Bosch Dishwasher SMS66GI01I User Manual : Download

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Comparison Bosch SMS66GI01I Vs SMS66GW01I 

ColourStainless steel colourWhite
Wash Programs66
Noise level52 dB52 dB
Weight44.421 kg43.540 kg
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Both Dishwashers offers the same features and performance, the only major difference is in colour.

Comparison Bosch SMS66GI01I Vs IFB Neptune VX Vs IFB VX Plus Dishwasher

ParameterSMS66GI01IIFB Neptune VXIFB VX Plus
Wash Programs688
ColourStainless steel colourDark SilverGraphite Grey
Noise Level52 dB49 dB49 dB
PriceRs.45,500Rs 39,990Rs 42,990
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Bosch SMS66GI01I Vs IFB VX plus and Neptune VX

IFB dishwashers offer more wash programs than Bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher. This Bosch machine cleans better than both 2 IFB dishwashers. IFB dishwashers are better at drying with Steam drying feature.

Read Full Review : IFB Neptune VX Dishwasher

Other Alternatives

Price Range Between Rs.50,000-60,000
Price Range Between Rs.40,000-50,000
Price Range Between Rs.30,000-40,000

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  1. Shyamal Chakrabarty

    I am keen on buying the Bosch dishwasher SMS 66Gi01i.
    Would like to know:
    If there is a power failure before completing the wash cycle, does it have to be started again from the beginning or does it start again where it stopped?

    1. Josh

      It will start where it stopped. Depends on duration of power failure and dishwasher memory

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