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Bosch Vs IFB Dishwasher India

Choosing the right dishwasher for your kitchen can be a difficult task, especially when it comes down to 2 top brand dishwasher models that seem so similar. Here we compare the similarities and differences between 2 of our most popular dishwasher brands. Bosch Vs IFB Dishwasher

Bosch and IFB are leading manufacturers of dishwashers in India. Both companies target different segments in the dishwasher market. IFB dominates the lower to mid-price dishwasher category and Bosch is the leader in the mid to high-end dishwasher category. If you are looking for a dishwasher between Rs 30,000 – Rs 55,000 then these 2 brands will be considerations.

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In this article, you will learn about both brands, their dishwashers, performance, offering features, price comparison, and how they compare so you can decide which dishwasher is right for your kitchen.

About Bosch

Bosch has one of the most selling dishwashers in the world as they have the most models in a wide variety of designs and prices. Dishwashers by Bosch are well-known for their spacious racks system and high-quality material, durability, and great and quiet cleaning performance.

About IFB

IFB Dishwasher Review

IFB is the pioneer brand in dishwashing solutions in India, they introduced India’s first dishwasher in 1997. IFB manufactures specially designed a dishwasher for Indian cooking style with oil and masala.

Bosch VS IFB – Brand Comparison

CategoryBusiness & Home AppliancesHome Appliances
First Dishwasher19641997

Bosch Vs IFB Dishwashers Comparison


Both IFB and Bosch dishwashers have excellent cleaning performances.

IFB dishwashers offer more flexibility with cleaning, come with more cleaning cycles and options than Bosch, The budget-friendly Bosch dishwasher has 4 cycles and the high-end dishwasher comes with 6 wash cycles. On the other hand, the IFB budget-friendly FX dishwasher comes with 5, and the SX1 dishwasher has 8 wash cycles. you’ll find Intensive, Normal, and Quick cycles in both brands.

Bosch dishwashers are slightly better at cleaning dishes than IFB dishwashers.

Bosch Best Cleaning Performance Dishwasher : Bosch Dishwasher SMS46KI03I 

IFB Best Cleaning Performance Dishwasher : IFB Neptune SX1 Dishwasher


Dishwashers below 45 dB noise level rating considered quiet, Bosch is known for their quiet operations, the high-end models operate at 46 dB noise level and budget-friendly models comes with 52 dB. on the other hand, IFB dishwashers operate between 45-52 dB.

Silent Bosch Dishwasher Model: Bosch Dishwasher SMS46KI03I 

Silent IFB Dishwasher Model: IFB Neptune SX1 Dishwasher


Each dishwasher uses different drying methods, IFB features Steam drying, it improves drying performance. Steam drying vaporizes all the moisture, leaving the utensils almost perfectly dried without watermarks on them.

Bosch uses the Heat exchanger method, models above 50,000 comes with an Extra dry option for difficult-to-dry loads.

IFB dishwashers are better at drying with the Steam drying method. Bosch dishwashers dry well but it isn’t the best at drying plastic.

Unique Features


  • AquaStop with a 100% lifetime guarantee against water damage.
  • ExtraDry: extra-thorough drying option for difficult-to-dry loads.
  • Intensive Kadhai 70° program: intensive and hygienic cleaning for your Kadhai.


  • Steam Drying option gives you spotless utensils.
  • Water Softening Device: A built-in device that energies water, dissolving detergent for better cleaning.
  • 15 Place settings: The largest capacity dishwasher in the country.


The price for basic standard Bosch dishwashers ranges from Rs.35,000 to Rs.45,000 and Rs.50,000 or more for high-end dishwasher models. 

The price for basic standard IFB dishwashers ranges from Rs.30,000 to Rs.40,000 and Rs.42,000 or more for high-end dishwasher models. 

You’ll find 4 IFB dishwashers in the Rs.30,000 to Rs.45,000 price bracket, which is perfect if you have a low budget but still want a good dishwasher.

Bosch dishwashers are expensive than IFB dishwashers.

Final Verdict

These are 2 good brands and dominate the India dishwasher market.

IFB is definitely the right choice for those with a limited budget, they certainly pack in a lot in their budget models. you can get various wash cycles, a good cleaning and drying performance at a lower price.

Bosch is a reliable brand, their dishwashers are Quiet, Spacious, and great for cleaning dishes. They always impressed us with performance and excellent features.

We recommend IFB dishwashers if you have a low budget but still want a solid dishwasher with all standard features. Otherwise, Go for Bosch dishwashers.

Comparison Between Bosch Vs IFB Dishwasher

Bosch SMS24AW00I Vs IFB Neptune FX

ParameterSMS24AW00IIFB Neptune FX
Wash Programs45
Noise level 5252
Energy EfficiencyA+A++
Water Softening DeviceNoYes
PriceRs.37,500.00Rs. 30,000
ReviewFull ReviewFull Review
Bosch SMS24AW00I Vs IFB Neptune FX

Bosch SMS66GW01I Vs IFB Neptune VX

ParameterSMS66GW01IIFB Neptune VX
Wash Programs68
Noise level 52 dB49 dB
ColorWhiteDark Silver
PriceRs.41,500Rs 39,990
ReviewFull reviewFull review
Check Offer
Bosch SMS66GW01I and Neptune VX

IFB dishwasher offers more wash programs than the Bosch SMS66GW01I dishwasher. This Bosch dishwasher cleans better than IFB Neptune VX. This IFB dishwasher is better at drying with the Steam drying feature.

Bosch SMS66GI01I Vs IFB Neptune VX Plus

ParameterSMS66GI01IFB Neptune VX Plus
Wash Programs68
ColorStainless steelGraphite Grey
Noise Level52 dB49 dB
PriceRs.45,500Rs 42,990
ReviewFull ReviewFull Review
Check Offer
Bosch SMS66GI01I Vs IFB Neptune VX Plus

IFB Neptune VX Plus offers more wash programs than Bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher. This Bosch SMS66GI01I dishwasher cleans better than the IFB Neptune VX plus. IFB dishwashers are better at drying with the Steam drying feature.

Bosch SMS46KI03I Vs Bosch SMS46KI01I Vs Neptune SX1 Dishwasher

ParameterSMS46KI03ISMS46KI01INeptune SX1
Noise Level46 dB46 dB45 dB
Wash Programs668
Energy EfficiencyA++A++A++
ColorStainless steelStainless steelGraphite Grey
ReviewFull ReviewFull ReviewFull Review
Check Offer

IFB Neptune SX1 dishwasher offers more capacity, better drying, and less noisy than Bosch SMS46KI03I. Bosch Dishwashers better at cleaning dishes and material quality.

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