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Best Dishwashers in the UK

The dishwasher has become an essential household appliance. It saves your time and stress of washing dishes by hand.

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When it comes to any home appliance, it’s important to make the best choice, because once you lock yourself into something, it can often be difficult to switch.

With so many machines on the market, we’ve reviewed many dishwashers from all the top brands.

These are the 5 best dishwashers to buy for 2020 in UK.

1. BOSCH Series 6 SMV68MD02G Integrated Dishwasher

The BOSCH Series 6 SMV68MD02G is one of the best Full-size Integrated Dishwashers available in UK market.

This dishwasher is incredibly energy efficient, with the second-highest possible rating of A++, and one of the most silent dishwashers in the market with remarkably quiet at 44dB, more so with the Silence program.

Another top feature of this dishwasher is the use of sensors, the load sensor provides for optimal water usage even for half loads or partial loads, saving water and electricity and AquaSensor regulates the water usage depending on the type and degree of soiling, using light beams to manage the rinse.

Key Highlights of BOSCH Series 6 SMV68MD02G
  • SuperSilence dishwasher
  • Excellent quick wash programs
  • Useful sensors

2. AEG ComfortLift FSS62800P Dishwasher

The AEG FSS62800P comes with a ComfortLift lower rack that lets you gently slide and lift the lower basket upwards for loading and unloading.

This dishwasher’s spacious, removable cutlery tray makes loading, washing and unloading utensils easy.

AEG ComfortLift FSS62800P comes with 13 place settings and scores A++ for its energy efficiency.

For Drying, The door automatically opens at the end of the drying phase and air is circulated inside the machine to dry dishes naturally. It saves energy.

Key Highlights of AEG ComfortLift FSS62800P Dishwasher
  • ComfortLift drawer
  • Open-door drying with AirDry

3. Whirlpool WIO3O33DEL Fully Integrated Dishwasher

This Dishwasher comes with 14 Place Settings, A+++ energy rating, supremely quiet operation, large capacity and superpower dry settings.

PowerClean offers superior cleaning performance to conventional dishwashers, Powerful water jets on the rear of the machine work to deliver supreme cleaning results on the toughest soil.

One more useful feature is 6TH SENSE technology, it automatically senses how dirty the dishes are and adapts the cycle time and water pressure accordingly.

PowerDry technology extracts the steam at the end of the cycle, leaving plastics completely dry, in just one hour.

This is the best option for you if you’re looking dishwasher under £600.

Key highlights of Whirlpool WIO3O33DEL Fully Integrated Dishwasher
  • PowerClean Pro technology
  • 6TH SENSE technology
  • A+++ energy rating

4. Siemens iQ500 SN258I06TG Dishwasher

Siemens iQ500 SN258I06TG is ideal for medium size family comes with 14 place settings, a digital display, and an A+++ energy efficiency rating.

The best feature is Zeolith® drying, the mineral zeolite has the ability to absorb moisture and convert it into energy. The versatile material thus ensures faster and energy-efficient drying of your dishes. This leads to an A+++ energy efficiency rating.

It’s also a smart dishwasher, which can be useful – you can control it from wherever through your smartphone.

Overall, it’s a great performer across the board, but certainly expensive, if you can afford it then go for it.

Key highlights of Siemens iQ500 SN258I06TG Dishwasher
  • Zeolith® drying
  • A+++ energy efficiency rating.

5. Miele G7150 SCVi fully integrated dishwasher

Miele G7150 SCVi dishwasher comes with 14 place settings, 3D MultiFlex tray for maximum convenience.

With Quick power wash technology, best cleaning results for normally soiled crockery in 58 Minutes.

This dishwasher is easy to use and very effective on stubborn food stains. It’s also very quiet while in use. It has several different washing and drying programs to personalize your experience.

Key highlights of Miele G7150 SCVI Dishwasher
  • 3D MultiFlex tray
  • A+++ energy efficiency rating.
  • Quick power wash technology

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