Bosch Serie 4 Fully-integrated Slimline dishwasher SPV4EMX21G Review

Bosch Serie 4 Fully-integrated Slimline dishwasher SPV4EMX21G belongs to the Bosch Serie 4 dishwasher segment,  Read our article Bosch SPV4EMX21G review to find out more about what you get for your money if you buy a Bosch SPV4EMX21G.

This 45 cm width fully-integrated slimline dishwasher comes with 10 place setting capacity, 45 dB Noise level, and 6 wash programs. In this dishwasher, you get all of the popular Bosch features.

Bosch SPV4EMX21G Features & Essential Information

SPV4EMX21G Review
  • Capacity: 10 place settings
  • Noise level: 45 dB
  • Wash programs: 6
  • VarioDrawer: Yes
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 81.5×44.8x55cm
  • Home Connect: home appliances with smart connectivity for an easier everyday life.
  • TimeLight: exact remaining time is clearly projected onto the floor.
  • Price: £ 749.00

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Bosch Serie 4 SPV4EMX21G review


This Built-in 45cm dishwasher comes with 10 place setting capacity, which is ideal for families with up to 3-4 members. It has 2 loading racks and a Cutlery drawer for silverware and smaller items. The Cutlery drawer increases loading capacity by 30 per cent compared to dishwashers with only two racks.

With a rackmatic feature, the height of the top basket can easily be adjusted by up to 5 cm. And you can do this easily when it’s fully loaded.

Capacity Rating : 8/10


The Bosch SPV4EMX21G has top-mounted controls that are invisible when the dishwasher is closed. The stylish finish makes it look really expensive and classy.

This slimline dishwasher comes with a stainless steel tub, so it minimizes the sound of spraying water and improves the overall health of the dishwasher, they have overall better build quality than its competitors.

Design Rating : 8/10

Cleaning Performance

Bosch Serie 4 Fully-integrated dishwasher SPV4EMX21G offers below wash programs and options.

Wash Programs: Eco 50 °C, Auto 45-65 °C , Intensive 70 °C, Express 65°, Silence 50 °C, Favourite.

Options: Remote Start, EfficientDry, Intensive Zone, SpeedPerfect+

The Intensive 70 °C program did a wonderful job of cleaning in our test, cleans almost all hard stains from dishes. The Express 65° program is decent, only work with normally soiled dishes.

Cleaning Performance Rating: 8/10


This dishwasher features EfficientDry for drying, the door of your dishwasher opens automatically after the program has finished. This method enhances the drying process but also saves energy.

Drying Rating 8/10

Noise Level

The Bosch SPV4EMX21G comes with a 45 decimal rating so it’s a quiet slimline dishwasher, you can concentrate on other work without the worry of your dishwasher making too much noise.

Pros and Cons of Bosch Serie 4 SPV4EMX21G Dishwasher


  • Innovative Features
  • Good Cleaning Performance
  • Spacious
  • Good Drying Performance


  • Bit expensive than its competitors.

Final Verdict

The Bosch SPV4EMX21G dishwasher is great at cleaning & drying.

This machine offers more space for dishes and equipped with innovative features but expensive than its competitors.

if you’re looking for a solid Fully-integrated slimline dishwasher and you can spend a little more money for a great performer and the latest technology dishwasher, The Bosch SPV4EMX21G is the dishwasher to buy.

Comparison Bosch Serie 4 Vs Serie 2 Built-in Slimline Dishwasher


Noise Level45 dB48 dB
Wash Programs65
DryingEfficientDryExtra Dry
Cutlery DriverYesNo
Price£ 749.00£ 499.00
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