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Bosch Serie 8 dishwasher SMS8YCI01E Review

Bosch Serie 8 Free-standing dishwasher SMS8YCI01E comes with 14 place settings, and equipped with Innovative features like PerfectDry, Home connect and EmotionLight.  Read the Bosch SMS8YCI01E review to find out more about what you get for your money if you buy a Bosch Serie 8 Dishwasher SMS8YCI01E.

Bosch SMS8YCI01E Features and Essential Information

Bosch SMS8YCI01E review
  • Capacity: 14 Place Setting
  • Noise: 43 dBA
  • Cutlery Drawer: Yes
  • Wash cycles: 8 Programs and 5 options
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 84.5 x 60 x 60cm
  • Max Flex Pro baskets
  • PerfectDry
  • Price: £ 1,139.00

Bosch Serie 8 dishwasher SMS8YCI01E Review

Design and Quality

This is a Free-standing dishwasher, controls located on the top, and they are hidden. its stylish finish makes it look really expensive and classy. The multicoloured TFT display is responsive and located on the top front, it shows what cycles and options were selected, the dishwashing progress, time remaining, and much more.

The SMS8YCI01E model has a stainless steel exterior and interior, The dishwasher is durable and overall well-designed.

Design and Quality Rating 10/10


This freestanding dishwasher comes with 14 place settings,which are ideal for medium-sized households with up to 4-5 members.

The SMS8YCI01E comes with the Max Flex Pro baskets and flexible cutlery drawer. These features improve the flexibility of your dishwasher and offer freedom when it comes to loading the dishes.

Capacity Rating 9/10

Cleaning Performance

Bosch SMS8YCI01E cleans your dishes with 8 different wash programs 5 options.

  • The Intensive 70 °C program is perfect for cleaning dishes with baked-on food and removed all stains in our test.
  • The Auto 45-65 °C wash program recommended for normally soiled dishes and did a decent job in our test.
  • Express 60 °C wash program saves your wash time but recommended for normally soiled dishes only.

The Bosch SMS8YCI01E dishwasher is the best cleaning freestanding dishwasher available in the market.

Cleaning Performance Rating 9/10


Bosch Serie 8 SMS8YCI01E dishwasher dries your dishes with PerfectDry, PerfectDry feature uses the patented Zeolith® technology. Zeolith is a natural mineral that uses the humidity of the cleaning phase and releases it in form of warm and dry air during the drying phase. 

PerfectDry works well to dry even plastics without increasing energy consumption.

Drying 9/10


Bosch SMS8YCI01E comes with a 43 dBA rating so it’s super quiet, you can hardly hear it when it is running.

Noise Level Rating 9/10

Pros and Cons of Bosch SMS8YCI01E Dishwasher


  • Good cleaning performer
  • Very quiet as 43 dBA
  • Best drying with PerfectDry technology
  • Innovative features


  • a bit expensive than its competitors.

Final Verdict

Bosch SMS8YCI01E dishwasher cleans well, dries well, and loaded with innovative features.

This freestanding dishwasher impressed us with cleaning and drying performance. What we love most about this dishwasher is super quiet operation, flexible loading with Max Flex Pro baskets, and cleaning and drying performance.

If you’re looking for a great performance freestanding dishwasher with the latest innovative features, a Bosch SMS8YCI01E is the dishwasher to buy.

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