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Bosch Benchmark Dishwasher SHE88PZ65N Review

Bosch SHE88PZ65N dishwasher belongs to Bosch luxurious Benchmark series, the SHE88PZ65N offers great cleaning performance and premium and innovative Bosch features. Read the Bosch SHE88PZ65N Review to find out what you get for your money if you buy this Benchmark series dishwasher.

Bosch SHE88PZ65N Dishwasher Features

  • Capacity: 16 place settings
  • Noise Level: 40 dB (A)
  • Wash Cycles: 7
  • Interior Light
  • Water Softener: Yes
  • CrystalDry™ technology
  • MyWay™ Rack
  • TFT Display
  • Price (MSRP): $1,849.00

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Bosch Benchmark Dishwasher SHE88PZ65N Review


This Luxurious dishwasher comes with a Recessed Handle and available in stainless steel color, It has a TFT display that features extra sharp images and large, easy-to-read text.

TFT Display

This dishwasher comes with Interior Light feature, it illuminates the dishwasher’s interior and makes loading easier in dim lighting.

Design Rating:10/10


This 16 place settings capacity dishwasher is spacious and offers flexible loading.

RackMatic® adjustable upper rack can be easily adjusted to different positions to accommodate taller items like stemware, while leaving room for pots and pans below.

This dishwasher has a MyWay™ Rack, a third rack easily fits larger & deeper items like cereal bowls and large utensils.

Capacity Rating: 10/10

Bosch SHE88PZ65N Dishwasher Cleaning Performance

This Benchmark dishwasher does an amazing job of cleaning, offer cleaning flexibility with 7 wash cycles and 7 options.

A Heavy cycle easily cleans heavily soiled dishes and gives you truly spotless dishes. The Normal and Quick wash cycles also perform well and clean 99% of all stains. The Speed60® cycle cleans dishes (Lightly soiled) from dirty to dry in about an hour.

This dishwasher has water softener, it removes hard water spots caused by lime deposits and softens water to the appropriate level for superior washing results.

Bosch SHE88PZ65N considered the best cleaning dishwashers on the market.

Cleaning performance Rating 10/10


Bosch Benchmark SHE88PZ65N has CrystalDry technology which transforms moisture into heat up to 176F for the ultimate dry, to get dishes drier.

Crystal Dry works well to dry even plastics without increasing energy consumption.

Drying Rating 10/10

Noise Level

The Benchmark dishwasher models are rated 40 dBA, you can hardly hear it when it is running.

Noise Rating 10/10

Pros and Cons of Bosch SHE88PZ65N Dishwasher


  • Good cleaning performer
  • Very quiet as 40 dBA
  • CrystalDry technology
  • Innovative and useful features
  • Interior Light
  • Home Connect


  • Expensive

Final Verdict

Bosch SHE88PZ65N is an amazing dishwasher, this dishwasher impressed us with cleaning and drying performance.

If you are looking for a great performer premium dishwasher with innovative features, you can definitely consider this dishwasher.

Best Alternative

Bosch Benchmark SHE88PZ65N Vs Bosch 800 Series SHEM78ZH5N

Noise Level40 dB42 dB
Home ConnectYesYes
MyWay™ RackYesNo
Interior LightYesNo
Water SoftenerYesNo
Price (MSRP)$1,849.00$1,499.00
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