Frigidaire FDPC4221AS Dishwasher Review

Frigidaire FDPC4221AS comes with 14 Place Setting Capacity, 2 wash cycles,62 dBA Noise Level. if you’re looking for a dishwasher under $400, the Frigidaire FDPC4221AS dishwasher worth your consideration. Let’s check out the Frigidaire FDPC4221AS Reviews.

Features and Specification

  • Capacity: 14 Place Setting
  • Noise Level: 62 dB
  • Number of Cycles: 2
  • ENERGY STAR® and NSF Certified
  • Tub Material: Plastic
  • Drying System: Static Vent
  • Product Dimensions (in) (W x H x D) 24″ x 35″ x 25″

Frigidaire Dishwasher FDPC4221AS Reviews


The FDPC4221AS dishwasher comes in a stainless steel exterior, the control console is responsive and located on the top front, and a plastic interior. its stainless-steel finish looks good. For the price, the overall quality of the dishwasher is good.

The interior of the FDPC4221AS is plastic and doesn’t have a lot of features for loading dishes. The same model is also available in White and Black.

Black Color Model Number: FDPC4221AB

White Color Model Number: FDPC4221AW

Design Rating: 07/10


The FDPC4221AS comes with a basic rack system, there are no adjustable tines on the racks. It has provided a cutlery basket, the design of the cutlery basket is very basic with no slots.

This dishwasher cleans 14 place settings, which is ideal for a medium-sized family.

Capacity Rating: 07/10

FDPC4221AS Cleaning Performance

This dishwasher comes with 2 wash cycles (Heavy, Normal). We found Heavily cycle performs well and cleans deeply soiled dishes but it takes hours to clean the dishes. 

For the price, FDPC4221AS cleans dishes very well. Pre-rinse is mandatory, just scrape off the leftovers and load them in the dishwasher for better cleaning result.

Cleaning Performance Rating 7/10

Drying Performance

FDPC4221AS isn’t the best at drying, We recommend the use of rinse aid for better cleaning and drying performance.

Drying Performance Rating 6/10

Noise Level

The FDPC4221AS rated as being 62 dB, which means it has a sound similar to normal conversation. This is not a quiet dishwasher on the market.

Noise Level Rating 6/10

Pros and Cons Of Frigidaire FDPC4221AS Dishwasher


  • Decent cleaning performance at an affordable price.
  • 14 Place Setting


  • Noise Level 62 dB
  • Poor rack system
  • 2 wash cycles only

Final Verdict

The FDPC4221AS is a decent dishwasher from Frigidaire at an affordable price. Decent performance, 14 place settings are the key highlights of this dishwasher. If you looking for a dishwasher under $400, you can consider the Frigidaire FDPC4221AS dishwasher.

Other Alternatives

Frigidaire Dishwasher FDPC4221AW Reviews


Frigidaire FDPC4221AW comes in white color. This FDPC4221AW dishwasher price online starts around $350-$450.00.

The FDPC4221AW performs the same as the Frigidaire FDPC4221AS dishwasher and the only difference is in color, Check the above review for performance details.

Frigidaire Dishwasher FDPC4221AB Reviews

FDPC4221AB reviews

Frigidaire FDPC4221AB comes in black color. This FDPC4221Adishwasher price online starts around $350-$450.00.

The FDPC4221AB performs the same as the Frigidaire FDPC4221AS dishwasher and the only difference is in color, Check the above review for performance details.

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