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Whirlpool Dishwasher WDT750SAKZ Review

The Top control Whirlpool Dishwasher WDT750SAKZ has 13 place settings capacity and 47 dB Noise level. Read the Whirlpool WDT750SAKZ Review to find out more about what you get for your money if you buy a Whirlpool WDT750SAKZ dishwasher.

Features: Whirlpool Dishwasher WDT750SAKZ

  • Capacity: 13 place settings
  • Noise Level: 47 dB
  • 3rd Rack: Yes
  • Wash Cycles: 5
  • Tub Material: Stainless steel
  • Price: $799.00
  • 3rd rack
  • Adjustable 2nd rack
  • 3-piece silverware basket

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Whirlpool Dishwasher WDT750SAKZ Review

Design and Quality

The Whirlpool Dishwasher WDT750SAKZ comes in black stainless and stainless finishes, the easy-to-clean exterior resists fingerprints and smudges.

The top controls are hidden when the dishwasher is closed and improves the overall look of the dishwasher.

This dishwasher has stainless steel tub, which improves the overall health of the dishwasher.

Design and Quality Rating 8/10


The Whirlpool dishwasher WDT750SAKZ loaded with 13 place settings, offers loading flexibility with an Adjustable 2nd rack, It makes room for taller items like water bottles with adjusters that smoothly raise or lower the 2nd rack.

This Whirlpool dishwasher comes with a 3rd rack that can fit hard-to-fit utensils like tongs or even measuring cups and spoons easily. it has a 3-piece silverware basket as well, you will get extra space in the lower rack for large pans by moving the 3-piece silverware basket.

Capacity Rating 8/10

Cleaning Performance

The WDT750SAKZ dishwasher offers decent cleaning with 5 wash cycles (Sensor, Heavy, Normal, Quick Wash, Soak & Clean).

  • The Normal cycle does a good job of cleaning and perfect for day-to-day loads.
  • The Heavy cycle cleans well but takes more amount of time to clean dishes.
  • Quick Wash cycle cleans in less time but the cleaning result not up to the mark.

Cleaning Performance Rating 7/10

Noise Level

The Whirlpool WDT750SAKZ dishwasher comes with 47 dB which is about the same sound level as a running electrical fan.

Noise Level 7/10


The Whirlpool WDT750SAKZ dishwasher dries decent but it isn’t good at drying plastic.

Drying Performance Rating 7/10

Pros and Cons of Whirlpool Dishwasher WDT750SAKZ


  • Affordable dishwasher with the Third rack
  • Adjustable 2nd rack


  • little Redeposit Issue
  • Long Cycle Time

Final Verdict

This dishwasher is spacious with 3 loading racks, offers basic features, and does an average job of cleaning.

If you’re looking for an Affordable Third Rack Dishwasher, you can consider this Whirlpool dishwasher with a Third rack.

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